Technical Articles - High Voltage

Low Intensity Light Detection Requires High Stability, Low Noise Electronic Circuitry

When it comes to low intensity light detection, performance requirements often lead to selecting devices with greater sensitivity than common photodiodes or even charge coupled devices (CCDs).

Designing for reliability in high voltage applications

High voltage design and manufacturing comes with an additional set of disciplines that must be applied in order to produce products with excellent long term reliability.

Next-Generation, Miniature High Voltage Power Modules

The first generation of high voltage power modules changed the way designers could use high voltage, and the next-generation is pushing the envelope further.

Minimizing the Impact of Source Resistance on High-Voltage DC to DC Converters

Design guidelines are given to minimize reliability impact due to source resistance.

Application Note - Input Bypass Capacitor

This Application Note describes the optional use of an input bypass capacitor for improved performance.

Application Note - Connecting Proportional Models for Positive or Negative Outputs

This Application Note describes how to connect proportional models for either positive or negative output.

Application Note - How to Connect and Test a Proportional Model

This Application Note details how to connect and test an proportional model to verify operation.

Application Note - Proportional No Load Variation

This Application Note describes operation of high voltage proportional converters with varying load conditions.

Application Note - How to Connect and Test a Regulated Model

This Application Note describes how to connect and test a regulated unit.

Application Note - Reverse Polarity Protection

This Application Note describes how to protect a high voltage supply from a negative input voltage. A negative input voltage may cause damage to the unit.

Application Note - High Voltage and Load Current Monitors

This Application Note describes how high voltage and load current monitors work with all high voltage products.

Application Note - Design Considerations for the Q Series

This Application Note describes all the necessary considerations when designing in a Q Series product.