High voltage solutions for capacitor chargers

Up to 20kJ/s of power, 65kV of output voltage and repetition rates up to 100Hz

Capacitor chargers for pulse generators, electrostatic precipitation and medical applications require the highest reliability. These high pulsed power applications call for a power supply capable of managing rapidly changing loads.

Accidental or intentional energy surges between the supply and the load can cause damage unless your high voltage power supply provides special protection measures.

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Protection for your rapidly changing load

Tailored high voltage power solutions with reliability built in

Capacitors behave like an open circuit when they are fully charged but act as a short circuit when they aren’t charged at all. You’ll need a high voltage power supply that is carefully tailored to adapt to changing load characteristics and protects itself.

Our optimized solutions offer a rugged design with the power required, a well-suited control circuit and the protection needed for capacitor charger applications.

Trusted products for capacitor charger applications

HCK Series

Output voltages up to 6kVDC

0 to 100% programmable output & current

On-board +5V reference

Low ripple <0.05%

Short circuit, thermal, overload & arc protection

HRL30 Series

+24VDC input (22 to 30V)

Output voltage & current regulated

0 to 100% programmable output & current

Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C

On-board +5V reference

Efficiency > 80%

Custom power

Flexible mechanical packages and options

Filter design to meet noise and ripple standards

Multiple digital control options

Reversible polarity

In-house software/firmware development 

I2C, RS232/422/485, DeviceNet and EtherCA