DC-DC converters

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When it comes to power converters, you need a solution you can trust – one that’s easy to integrate, safe to use and that comes with high levels of efficiency. From simple circuits to complex high-reliability systems, XP Power’s DC-DC products can be relied on to meet the power needs of medical, industrial and semi-conductor manufacturing. 

High performance DC-DC converters

Certified and approved for critical power requirements

Whether it’s managing cost and development time, meeting isolation requirements, or mounting flexibility, we understand the key challenges in identifying the right DC-DC power solution for your needs. 

With deep design experience, we optimize solutions for ease of integration, incorporating industry certification and EMI considerations. This allows us to match the power demand of patient contact medical devices, renewable energy generation, industrial technology and rugged communications. 

DC-DC converter isolation barriers

Product datasheets specify the isolation voltage used to ensure the integrity of the isolation barrier. This is not an indication of the type of isolation used in the device, and does not indicate a capacity for long-term voltage across the barrier.

It’s important to understand whether the isolation barrier is purely functional or needs safety isolation. Our DC-DC converters specify the isolation barrier as functional, basic or reinforced.

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Our diverse range includes hundreds of product families, easily searchable by power, voltage, format and application.

Continuous working voltage

Isolation voltage and continuous working voltage ratings are easy to confuse. The isolation voltage rating is not an indication of the ability to withstand a continuous voltage applied across the barrier, only the short-term test voltage applied to ensure integrity.

For applications where there is a potential difference between the input supply and the output voltage, it’s critical to consider the working voltage. You can find more information in our DC-DC converter data sheets.

A complete portfolio of DC-DC converters

Let’s take a look at your specific requirements

We can offer a variety of mechanical formats including surface mount, through-hole, chassis mount, DIN Rail and baseplate cooled packages designed and approved for a wide range of applications.


  • Scalable power to 3kW
  • 0.25W to 750W PCB mount modules 
  • 6W to 60W chassis mount 
  • 6W to 60W DIN rail mount 
  • Standard, wide and ultra-wide input ranges 
  • Functional, basic and reinforced isolation 
  • 1 x MOPP and 2 x MOPP for medical devices 
  • Application specific requirements and approvals 

Frequently asked DC-DC questions

A conduction cooled DC-DC power supply is designed with a flat baseplate, through which any heat generated by the components of the power supply can be conducted away, as opposed to a convection cooled power supply, where the heat radiates into the air around the power supply.


Efficient conduction cooling is usually achieved by mounting the power supply inside the outer wall of a metal equipment case, in a position that allows heat transfer through the case to the surroundings, this may be enhanced by ribs or a heatsink on the outside of the case.


The advantages are that it allows the case to be sealed to prevent ingress of contaminants, also it eliminates the need for fan assisted cooling with its noise, energy consumption and servicing requirements.


Conduction cooled DC-DC power supplies are available from XP Power to suit a multitude of applications.

Power bricks are DC-DC converters that are designed to conform to the Distributed-power Open Systems Alliance (DOSA) industry standard comprising of six sizes, the largest is the Full brick with a footprint of 116.8 x 61.0mm, then Half brick, Quarter brick, 1/8th brick, 1/16thbrick, down to 1/32nd brick at 23.35 x 19mm.


The advantage of a DC-DC power brick is that they offer a complete solution in a single package, that may just require additional input or output filtering, depending on the application. Cooling can be by conduction via the baseplate mounting or convection via a heatsink.


Within its extensive DC-DC converter portfolio, XP Power offers a number of solutions in brick packages of various sizes and power ratings for a variety of applications.