High voltage solutions for ion implantation

Proven high voltage power solutions for guaranteed yield

Ion implanation is a critical step in semiconductor fabrication and some metal finishing processes. Manufacturers want to guarantee yield and avoid the cost of line down during this process to maximize their revenue.

The quality, reliability and repeatability of your high voltage power supply is key to maintaining process consistency and product quality.

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Safety and reliability built in

Reducing the risk of wafer and equipment damage

The high reliability and repeatability of our high voltage power solutions help prevent a negative impact on production volume and reduce the likelihood of line down. 

To ensure safety and reliability, we provide accurate arc sensing, custom arc management, and controls and monitors. This helps you manage high voltage arcing in the system and minimizes the damage to the load, the equipment, and the wafer.

High reliability products for ion implantation applications

FT Series

Output voltages 0-60k VDC

0 to 100% programmable voltage and current

Air insulated

Local, analog, RS232/USB digital control with optional ethernet 

Voltage and current monitor outputs

UKCA and CE marked for EMC, low voltage (LVD) and ROHS directives

EY Series

Output voltages 0-60kVDC

2U 19" rack mount

Output voltage & current regulated

Low ripple <0.03% RMS of rated voltage at full load

Efficiency >85%

Operating temperature: -20°C to +40°C

BQ Series

Outputs voltages 0-15kVDC to 0-100kVDC

Positive, negative & reversible models

Analogue remote control, Ethernet, RS232 & USB optional

Input voltage 208VAC 3-phase, 200/380/415/480VAC optional

High load and line regulation

Arc quench, arc count, short-circuit and thermal protection