High voltage solutions for E-beam lithography

Low temperature coefficient with no partial discharges

E-beam lithography allows the creation of nanoscale patterns in semiconductor manufacturing and research applications. However, partial discharge and low stability at high voltages impact the performance of e-beam lithography tools which can lead to lost revenue for semiconductor manufacturers.

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High stability power supplies prevent yield issues

The stability, precision and performance needed in a power supply

Equipment damage due to short circuit and shielding issues is a problem for design engineers as it affects yield. To deliver the performance needed, e-beam tools require power solutions with high precision and a low temperature coefficient with no partial discharges.

Our integrated and customized solutions provide the high voltage stability, low ripple and short circuit protection you need.

High stability products for e-beam lithography applications

HCP5K0 Series

Output voltages 0-3.5kVDC to 0-12.5kVDC

3 phase AC input, 6U 19" rack mount

Manual voltage & current control with digital display

Digital, LAN & USB interface option

Analog programming/interface option

Continuous operation at full rated power

Short circuit & arc protection, integrated arc counter


MCA9K0 Series

Output voltages 0-150VDC to 0-3kVDC

For models up to 1.5kVDC: floating output

Autoranging characteristic with fixed power limit

Voltage & current control with 10 turn potentiometer

Control mode display with LED’s & power limit LED

Digital, LAN & USB interface option

Short circuit & arc protection

HCH15K0 Series

Output voltages 0-20kVDC to 0-300kVDC

Voltage & current setting via 10-turn potentiometers

Voltage & current regulation with automatic transition

Control modes indicated by LEDs

Unlimited operation at rated power

Safey interlock loop monitors

Short-circuit & arc proof