Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Advanced, reliable power converters for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

The production of nanoscale semiconductors requires the ultimate in high reliability, high accuracy, high stability power supplies to maximize production yields in a cutting-edge manufacturing process. In a competitive sector where timing is everything, XP Power can be relied on for the rapid integration of effective and reliable power solutions. 

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Precision, repeatability and reliability

Transforming process repeatability through advanced power converter solutions

Unreliable process power can disrupt production and impact wafer quality and yields. By allowing advanced control, metrology and power management of the integrated circuit production process, we help enable improved yields and consistent high quality. 

We have an extensive portfolio of standard and custom high voltage, RF and DC power converter technology products from concept to delivery. Our products are used by the world’s leading wafer fabrication equipment manufacturers to achieve process excellence. 

Semi Fab power solutions

The competitive edge you need to enable semiconductor manufacturing success

Having visibility of impactful data is key to successfully driving critical process excellence and enabling robust preventive maintenance. Our power solutions provide the rich data needed to directly improve your wafer quality, yields and fabrication uptime. XP Power offers advanced metrology and control features that can integrate with the tool through advanced communication protocols.

Complex, precision processes continually evolve in response to new semiconductor technology, which requires more advanced power converters. Our power products use leading-edge converter technology driving greater flexibility, better control, efficiency and connectivity.

We are trusted to power the wafer fabrication equipment which produces leading ICs in wafer fabs all over the world. We deliver reliable, stable, repeatable and precise power conversion products which drive successful outcomes in the semiconductor manufacturing process. 

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Powering IC process excellence

Power solutions for all your process needs

Our capabilities include high voltage high power converters, electrostatic chucks (ESC), RF generators, RF matching networks and DC programmable power converters. 

We provide our customers with a wide range of reliable and innovative solutions that power all of the steps in the IC manufacturing process and enable the most complex IC structures and material processing requirements. 

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We recognize your need for highly reliable power solutions with precise output specifications. Speak to our team of experts today for technical support, latest product samples, up to date pricing and global shipping details.

Custom power solutions tailored to your specific needs

Facing tight project schedules, complex integration, regulatory hurdles and demanding safety standards?

Our expert engineers work closely with your team to develop scalable, application-specific power solutions. With extensive experience in intricate design and a global manufacturing reach, we deliver cost-effective, custom solutions built to the highest standards, ensuring seamless alignment with your design parameters.

We resolve your power supply challenges, allowing you to focus on business priorities.

Trusted and reliable power conversion products

Low voltage power solutions

  • Up to 30kW of output power
  • Fixed or programmable outputs
  • Multiple cooling options
  • Digital product platforms
  • EtherCAT and DeviceNET options

High voltage power solutions

  • Outputs up to 500kV and 300kW
  • Low noise, high stability
  • Electrostatic chuck power supplies
  • Wide range of flexible mechanical packages
  • EtherCAT and DeviceNET options

RF power products

  • Configurable RF generator and match products
  • Precise, stable and repeatable
  • Fast-tuning RF matches
  • Smart metrology options
  • EtherCAT and DeviceNET options