High voltage solutions for detectors

Compact, low noise power supplies up to 30kV

Detectors are a critical part of analytical and diagnostic equipment such as mass spectrometers, SEM and medical imaging devices. Detectors need accurate and stable high voltage power supplies to guarantee precise results.

Space constraints in labs, handheld equipment and manufacturing processes mean your detector power supply must be ultra-compact and deliver greater functionality than ever before.

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Miniaturized components for increased functionality

The flexibility, functionality and reliability you need in a high voltage power supply

Detectors like photomultiplier tubes, avalanche photodiodes and silicon detectors require high voltage for biasing different parts, and they can be extremely sensitive to external noise. That’s why very low noise and accurate, stable high voltage power is called for.

Our industry-leading miniature high voltage DC-DC converters are easy to integrate and provide the required accuracy and functionality needed for these sensitive applications.

Trusted products for detector applications

HRL30 Series

+24VDC input (22 to 30V)

Output voltage & current regulated

0 to 100% programmable output and current

Operating temperature: -40°C to +70°C

On-board +5V reference

Efficiency > 80%

HRC05 Series

+24VDC input (22 to 30V)

Output voltages up to 6kV

0 to 100% programmable output voltage

On-board +5V reference

Load and line regulation <0.01%

Low ripple <0.01%

CA Series

Output voltages up to 2kVDC

Very low ripple

Calibration trim-pot

Low noise, quasi-sinewave resonant oscillator

Input voltage 5 & 12VDC

Shielded case with isolated case ground