RF power systems

High-volume, production-proven radio frequency solutions

Whether it’s process stability or ease of integration, the requirements for a high-performing power solution are often complex. Our RF expertise is trusted by our customers to provide the highest level of reliability and repeatability in our cost-effective solutions.

Our RF Power capabilities

When it comes to critical power systems, failure is not an option

That’s why XP Power is committed to providing optimum reliability in its RF power solutions, with controls and monitors that enable you to keep a close eye on performance.  

We have easy-to-integrate RF generators with latest communication protocols and advanced pulsing capabilities. Combined with our leading-edge impedance matching networks, we help our customers to solve their most high-value problems. 

Enhanced process repeatability and ultimate lifetime value

We provide a wide range of RF plasma generators and impedance matching networks configurable to fit your unique application. From semiconductor processing to industrial applications, we have products to meet your unique process requirements.

XP Power RF generators are designed with a new stabilizing technology that eliminates RF oscillations whenever process condition changes. This results in a more repeatable power delivery run to run. By removing the instability, the components also operate in a safer regime, improving the longevity of your RF power delivery system.

Introducing our comprehensive portfolio of RF Power solutions

CDX Series

The CDX series is the industry-leading dual RF plasma generator. This unique design is the culmination of more than 40 years of XP RF amplifier engineering knowledge, integrating two different RF outputs into one single, compact, high-performance package. When it comes to serviceability and integration, the CDX generator is the most cost-effective and flexible RF solution, designed to meet future market requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Can be configured with any two fixed frequencies from 400kHz, 2MHz, 13.56MHz, 27.12MHz, 40.68MHz or 60MHz
  • Up to 1.5kW per output
  • Reliable and repeatable RF power delivery from each independent channel
  • Flexible platform supports wide range of applications
  • Low cost of ownership

CH Series

Designed to optimize footprint efficiency, the CH series RF generator combines our XP Power RF amplifier and switch mode DC technologies into a compact half rack package, with a high level of power delivery reliability and accuracy. The modular design makes the CH generator configurable for any customer platform.

Features and benefits

  • Widest selectable fixed frequencies: 400kHz to 60MHz
  • Power ranges from 50W to 1.5kW
  • Frequency agile tuning and advanced pulsing
  • DeviceNet, RS232 and EtherCAT
  • Flexible design for easy process tool integration
  • Cost-effective solution with TurboTune technology

CB Series

When process reliability is a must, the CB RF generator features our semiconductor production proven solid-state design to provide precise and repeatable power control, delivering ultra-stable and reliable RF power for your most mission-critical processes. 

Features and benefits

  • Diverse selection of fixed frequencies: 13.56 to 60MHz
  • Power ranges from 600W to 5.0kW
  • S-Technology provides ultra-stable output
  • Enhanced plasma stability for optimal process environment
  • Improved RF control for power repeatability
  • Robust design for high process tool uptime

CLB Series

The CLB3000 series incorporates all the innovations of our CB3000 platform. The CLB generators are specially designed to serve low- and mid-frequency applications, providing enhanced accuracy and repeatable power delivery.

Features and benefits

  • Standard power version: 600W, 1.25kW, 3.0kW or configurable power option from 200W to 10kW
  • Wide low- to mid-fixed frequencies—20kHz to 2MHz
  • Enhanced delivered power accuracy
  • Highly flexibility platform supports wide range of low- to mid-frequency applications
  • Ultra-stable regulated RF output for process control
  • Low cost of ownership

RF Matching Networks

The XP Power impedance matching networks are engineered with our unique high-speed tuning algorithm that enables precise match tuning even in high "Q" loads. The control circuitry adjusts input impedance to 50 Ohms quickly, accurately and dependably, in response to the changes in load characteristics during your process.

Features and benefits

  • Wide power ranges from 50W to 10kW
  • Wide impedance range to cover different applications
  • DC Bias and RF VP-P detector circuits
  • Customize to fit across all chamber types
  • Run-to-run and unit-to-unit repeatability during tuning ensures tighter process control
  • Improves tool productivity with fast tuning and plasma stabilization time