CLB3000 Series

The CLB3000 series incorporates all the innovations of our CB3000 platform. The CLB generators are specially designed to serve low- and mid-frequency applications, providing enhanced accuracy and repeatable power delivery.



  • Small, lightweight packaging
  • Standard power ranges: 200W-10kW 100kHz - 2MHz 
  • Any single frequency from 20kHz to 2MHz, varying +/-10%
  • Phase lock tuning or software algorithm
  • Designed to meet ETL and SEMI F47 directives
  • LF class D \HF class C or D amplifiers
  • Regulated switch-mode DC section
Image Model Name Power Input Voltage Frequency Datasheet RFQ
CLB3000 3kW 208 / 400 / 480 VAC (3-Phase) 0.4 to 2MHz Datasheet RFQ
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