Our product range

AC-DC Power Supplies

From 3W to 20kW & beyond, our AC-DC power supplies are designed to fulfil international requirements for EMC, safety, reliability and energy efficiency in a wide variety of mechanical formats. 

DC-DC Converters

With power ratings from 0.25W to 700W, from SMD & through hole, through base-plate cooled and chassis mount, we offer Isolated, non-isolated, point of load, wide input, high power density, high efficiency, rugged, DC-DC converters.

High Voltage AC-DC Power Supplies

The largest standard range in the industry, providing precisely controlled high voltage DC up to 500kVDC with power ratings up to 200kW.

High Voltage DC-DC Converters

Accurate, reliable and compact regulated & proportional modules, providing up to 10kVDC, with sophisticated filtering and shielding for ease of integration.

RF Power Systems

Reliable, stable & safe RF generator and matching network systems from 20kHz to 100MHz, with precision power delivery from 50W to ≥10kW, for complex load applications.

EMI Filters

For industrial, medical & defence equipment requiring RFI filtering to conform to the latest EMC emissions and immunity standards.

Custom Power Supplies

When an off-the-shelf device cannot be found, our engineering design teams can provide the solution, providing a fully compliant quality product within agreed budget & time constraints.

3 Phase Power

Designed to operate from a wide variety of global 3 phase sources including nominal 208VAC, 380/400/415VAC and 480VAC, with power ratings up to 30kW and beyond.