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Hints and tips on the use of cooling fans for power supplies

Operating in temperatures above the specified range is a top cause of power supplies unreliability. Our Senior Product M...

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Knowledge is power when it comes to high voltage

High voltage capabilities help solve a range of design challenges for some of the world's most impactful technology. Des...

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Understanding power supply de-rating specifications

An increasing number of AC-DC power supplies rely on de-rating specifications. But what exactly are they? Read our lates...

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When are configurable power supplies the best option?

Configurable power supplies allow you to tailor the output voltage, number of outputs and current levels to your specifi...

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Achieving both precision and accuracy in high voltage power applications

Our blog discusses why achieving both precision and accuracy in high voltage DC power supplies can be tricky for designe...

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What is surge testing and why is it important?

Discover why surge testing is vital for making sure equipment is protected from unexpected voltage spikes or power surge...

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How to integrate high voltage in advanced manufacturing applications

How do manufacturing companies stay one step ahead of the field? Advanced manufacturing methods are helping companies ga...

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Powering high voltage detector solutions with speed, accuracy and reliability

Detectors are a critical part of analytical equipment used in semiconductor inspection, medical imaging, and mass spectr...

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New baseplate cooled AC-DC power supply delivers complete solution for rugged applications with limited or no airflow

Announcing the launch of a new series of low profile, baseplate cooled 160W AC-DC power solutions.


Selecting the best AC-DC power supply for peak load applications

If specified correctly, dual rated power supplies perform strongly in high peak power applications. All you need to know...

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What are electrostatic chuck power supplies?

Electrostatic chucks are used for a wide range of power applications. They are vital for semiconductor manufacturing as...

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High voltage power supplies explained

High voltage power supplies are specialized electrical devices that creates voltages typically above 1,000V.

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