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Selecting power supplies for peak load applications

Specifying an AC-DC power supply for systems with peak load requirements that are higher than the normal power requireme...

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Electrolytic capacitor lifetime in power supplies

The service life of electrolytic capacitors is an increasingly key design parameter in power supplies.

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Hints and tips on the use of cooling fans for power supplies

Thermal management of modern power supplies is becoming increasingly important due to smaller heat sinks volumes and hig...

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Energy efficiency for external power supplies (EPS)

Controlling the power consumed by external power supplies is important for continuity of the energy supply and reduction...

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Overcoming patient leakage current issues

Patient leakage current and ways of reducing and controlling it for the most stringent medical applications

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Engineers guide to selecting power supplies for LED lighting applications

Traditionally, lighting comprised some form of incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lamps. That has changed with the eve...

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Understanding efficiency: Looking for the worst-case scenario

It’s standard practice to put the best-case scenario on data sheets, but how does that differ from the efficiency that c...

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Power supply de-rating in practice

In recent years it has become commonplace for some manufacturers to increase the power rating of the product and specify...

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Reliability in electronics

What lies behind the figures and what significance should be attached to them.

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Getting More for Less

Examining the power efficiency of medical electronic equipment in a typical European hospital

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The case for custom power supplies in low to medium volume applications

The specification you need, not the one that happens to be available.

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Power factor - concisely explained

Difference between VA & Watts, definition of VAR & graphical representation of real power, reactive power, apparent powe...

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