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Medical safety standard impacts power supply selection

Third edition of how medical safety standard impacts on power supply selection

Technical Articles

Understanding AC-DC power supply efficiency

Smaller power supplies goes hand in hand with the need for greater efficiency.

Technical Articles

Powering communications in harsh environments

Power supplies for harsh, remote environments bring many design issues.

Technical Articles

Digital signals & controls are in increasing demand

Our Technical Directors expert view.

Technical Articles

Features & benefits of proportional & regulated high voltage converters

Our Vice President of High Voltage products describes the features and benefits of proportional and regulated high volta...


150W & 200W approved external PSUs for industrial, IT & healthcare applications

External power supplies that are intended for modern medical applications, including safety approvals for home-based hea...


Rugged wide-range input 6/10W power modules for industrial and ITE applications

Two new series of wide input range chassis and DIN rail mount DC-DC converters that offer simple and rapid installation.


The impact of source resistance on high voltage converters

Expert design engineer explains the impact of source resistance on high voltage converters.


Analog vs digital – the power struggle continues!

If you are a power supply design engineer or an EE or ASE that selects power solutions for your end system, then there i...

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High Voltage/High Power Selector Guide - Outputs over 500VDC

Featuring models with output voltages from 500VDC up to 500kVDC and output power ratings up to 200kW. Full specification...


500W-650W AC-DC power supplies for medical devices including BF applications

New ranges of AC-DC power supplies that provide BF class insulation for healthcare applications where excellent EMC perf...


Overcoming patient leakage current issues

Understand patient leakage current for medical power supplies and several ways of reducing and controlling this leakage...

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