High Voltage/High Power Selector Guide - Outputs over 500VDC

High Voltage Healthcare Technology Semi fab Industrial


XP Power offers solutions to most high voltage DC power supply requirements from one of the largest standard ranges of high voltage power supplies within the industry.

Featuring models with output voltages 500VDC to 500kVDC and output power ratings up to 200kW arranged by package type & wattage. Full specifications can be found by clicking on the embedded links to each specific product’s datasheet.

  • AC-HVDC power supplies, output voltages 0-500V to 0-500kV
  • Modular power supplies up to 60kV, 15W to 300W
  • Bench mount power supplies up to 65kV, 3.5W to 3kW
  • Rack mount power supplies up to 150kV, 120W to 200kW
  • Open stack devices up to 500kV, 2kW to 40kW

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