No longer manufactured
Unfortunately, this series is no longer available.
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SIP Series

0.1W & 1W DC-HVDC converters with outputs +25 to +90VDC & +25 to +100VDC in a SIP package

The SIP series provides high performance in an ultra-thin, miniature single in-line package. Designed for low cost, high quantity applications, these DC-DC converters deliver high stability with very low ripple.

The output voltage is programmable via a 0 to +5VDC analog voltage. The output voltage is inversely proportional to the programming voltage. Applying +5 volts to the programming input sets the output voltage to the minimum level. Conversely, 0 volts on the programming input sets the output voltage to the maximum level.

The units are linearly programmable throughout the output range. An enable/disable function is included; applying a TTL Low (open collector compatible) disables the output voltage to less than 10VDC. The SIP Series is a low cost, low power solution ideal for Photomultiplier tubes and APD biasing.


  • Output voltages +25V to +90VDC (SIP90)
  • Output voltages +25V to +100VDC (SIP100)
  • Regulated programmable precision output voltage
  • Input voltage +3V to +6.7VDC (SIP90)
  • Input voltage +4V to +6.7VDC (SIP100)
  • Programming voltage 0 to +5VDC
  • Linear voltage programming
  • TTL compatible disable pin
  • Low ripple <10mV
  • Epoxy coated SIP package
  • Ultra-thin package (0.16in/4.1mm)
  • -20°C to +70°C operating temperature 
  • 3 year warranty
Image Model Name Power Output Voltage Input Voltage Output Regulation Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
SIP90 0.1W 25 to 90V 3 to 6.7VDC Regulated Datasheet Stock RFQ
SIP100 1W 25 to 100V 4 to 6.7VDC Regulated Datasheet Stock RFQ