MPL500 Series

500W regulated high voltage AC-DC power supplies with outputs 0-10kV, 0-30kV & 0-50kV

The MPL500 series is a competitive, highly efficient, compact DC power supply with robust design. Combining simple operation and an easy to use multi-function display, these power supplies are well suited for applications in industry, science and research.

MPL models feature flexible and easy to operate local controls combined with a multifunction digital display that simultaneously shows both the output set points and actual measured values. HV outputs can be adjusted by voltage and current encoders with coarse and fine settings, with set point adjustment possible even with the output locked The local control interface also allows the user to set the IP address, displays information about the unit, such as operation hours, MAC address and internal status.


  • Output voltages 0-10kVDC, 0-30kVDC & 0-50kVDC
  • Single phase AC input with active PFC
  • 2U bench or 19” rack mount (brackets included)
  • Multi-function control panel with user friendly interface
  • LAN and USB interfaces are standard
  • High efficiency – 85% to 90%
  • Low ripple ≤0.1% pk-pk
  • CE marked, EN61010-1 safety compliant
  • Short circuit & arc protection
  • Integrated arc counter
  • HV Release socket for integration of shut down circuits
  • Variable fan speed for quiet operation
  • Operating temperature: 0 to +40°C
  • 2 year warranty
Image Model Name Power Output Voltage Input Voltage Package Size Datasheet RFQ
MPL500-10000P 500W 0 to 10kV Single Phase 2U Datasheet RFQ
MPL500-10000N 500W 0 to -10kV Single Phase 2U Datasheet RFQ
MPL500-30000P 500W 0 to 30kV Single Phase 2U Datasheet RFQ
MPL500-30000N 500W 0 to -30kV Single Phase 2U Datasheet RFQ
MPL500-50000P 500W 0 to 50kV Single Phase 2U Datasheet RFQ
MPL500-50000N 500W 0 to -50kV Single Phase 2U Datasheet RFQ
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