MCP140 Series

140W regulated high voltage AC-DC power supplies with floating outputs from 0-125VDC to 0-2kVDC

The MCP140 series are highly stable switch-mode power supplies with low ripple and a floating output. Due to the high switching frequency the power supply has a low residual ripple in the generated output voltage with high stability, good regulation dynamics, and at the same time only a low amount of stored energy.


  • Output voltages 0-125VDC to 0-2kVDC floating 
  • Single phase AC input
  • Continuous operation at full rated power
  • Multi-function control panel with user friendly interface
  • Digital, LAN and USB interface option
  • Analog programming/interface option
  • Manual voltage and current control with digital display
  • Set-point display via a button
  • Set-point adjustment possible with disabled output
  • Push-button switch for output voltage
  • Short circuit & arc protection
  • 2 year warranty
Image Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
MCP140-125 140W Single Phase 125V 1A Datasheet RFQ
MCP140-200 140W Single Phase 200V 0.6A Datasheet RFQ
MCP140-350 140W Single Phase 350V 0.4A Datasheet RFQ
MCP140-650 140W Single Phase 650V 0.2A Datasheet RFQ
MCP140-1250 140W Single Phase 1250V 0.1A Datasheet RFQ
MCP140-2000 140W Single Phase 2000V 0.06A Datasheet RFQ
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