HYN7K0 Series

7kW regulated high voltage AC-DC power supplies with outputs 0 to 20kVDC

The HYN7K0 uses a phase controlled thyristor rectifier circuit to transform the mains supply to high voltage, a series LC filter is used to smooth the resulting rectified voltage.

All racks are equipped with fork-lift-compatible plinths and removable lifting-eyes. The side covers are detachable, the rear door is lockable. Cooling is carried out via convection or built-in fans, with the air being exhausted (depending upon type) either via the rear or the top.


  • Output voltages 0-20kVDC
  • Extremely robust
  • High efficiency
  • Short circuit proof and unlimited operation with full current in short circuit condition
  • Voltage and current regulation with automatic and fast transition; control mode indicated by LEDs
  • Voltage and current setting with 10-turn potentiometers with precision scale; the adjusting knob can be locked
  • Limitation of inrush current on switching on
  • Suitable also for inductive and capacitive loads
  • Interlock loop to monitor the external load and internal loop as a standard
  • Elapsed hour meter as a standard
  • 2 year warranty