HCB2 Series

2W high voltage AC-DC power supplies with highly stable low ripple bipolar outputs from 0 to ±2kV

The HCB2 series are highly stable and low ripple bipolar switch-mode power supplies. The HCB series consist of two primary switch-mode power supplies with pulse width modulation that are operated inversely and are connected to each other at the output. This allows the output to be operated in continuous zero crossing mode. The high switching frequency ensures an output voltage with low residual ripple, high stability, good control dynamics, and a low amount of stored energy in the output stage.


  • 0 to ±2kV bipolar output
  • 4 quadrant operation with active load
  • Constant voltage control and current limitation with automatic transfer and control mode dispay with LED’s
  • Single phase AC input
  • Continuous operation at full rated power
  • Digital, LAN and USB interface option
  • Analog programming/interface option
  • Manual voltage control via 10 turn potentiometer
  • Digital display for current and voltage
  • Set-point display via a button
  • Set-point adjustment possible with disabled output
  • Push-button switch for output voltage
  • CE marked, EN61010-1 safety compliant
  • Short circuit & arc protection
  • 2 year warranty