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BCC Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

BCC Series

  • Baseplate-cooled
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • ETSI, EMC and Environmental Compliant
  • Parallel Operation
  • Remote On/Off
  • Low Temperature Option
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
BCC BCC200PS03 200 W Single Phase 3.3V 50A
BCC BCC200PS05 200 W Single Phase 5V 40A
BCC BCC200PS07 200 W Single Phase 7.5V 28A
BCC BCC200PS12 200 W Single Phase 12V 20A
BCC BCC400PS03 400 W Single Phase 3.3V 80A
BCC BCC400PS05 400 W Single Phase 5V 80A
BCC BCC400PS07 400 W Single Phase 7.5V 54A
BCC BCC400PS12 400 W Single Phase 12V 34A
BCC BCC400PS15 400 W Single Phase 15V 27A
BCC BCC400PS18 400 W Single Phase 18V 22A
BCC BCC400PS24 400 W Single Phase 24V 17A
BCC BCC400PS28 400 W Single Phase 28V 14.5A



BCC: 9.21 x 4.96 x 1.90 in (234.0 x 126.0 x 48.5 mm)

Input Voltage

90-264 VAC

Harmonic Currents

EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3


80% typical

Operating Temperature

-20 °C to +70 °C, with baseplate maintained below +83 °C utilizing system cooling, -40 °C option available - add suffix ‘-L’ to model number


3000 VAC Input to Output 1500 VAC Input to Ground 500 VAC Output to Ground

European Safety Approvals

EN60950-1, CE Mark LVD

US Safety Approvals

UL60950-1: CSA22.2 No. 60950-1-03


EN55022, level B conducted & level A radiated

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