Intelligent, programmable high power solutions

Introducing the HP range...

With restricted space and demands for tailored system integration, you need your power solution to enable user-defined, application-specific requirements and programmability. The HP range of programmable AC-DC power supplies with medical and industrial approvals are adaptable, compact, and efficient solutions to mitigate your power challenges.

The functionality needed for your higher power challenges

The HP range offers optimal space-saving designs with digital signal processing, multiple communication protocols, full user-configurable functionality, and scalability from 1.5kW to 30kW and beyond. The range includes both single-phase and three-phase products with nominal outputs of 24VDC to 200VDC. 

Our GUI development tool supports an array of user-defined options and controls which can become your factory-flashed firmware option for delivering application-specific configurations straight out of the box.

Ease of integration across multiple platforms

Integrating a high power DC supply into your product can be time consuming and costly. The scalability of the HP range allows you to use modules of appropriate power in your product and their flexibility lets you tailor, configure and optimize for your load, whether constant voltage, constant current, or both. 

  • Programmable output voltage (0-105%)
  • Programmable output current (0-110%)
  • Nominal output from 24VDC to 200VDC
  • Constant voltage & constant current operation
  • Digital protocols - PMBus, CANopen, MODBUS & SCPI
  • High efficiency – up to 93%
  • Parallel and series operation
  • ITE 62368, medical 60601 safety agency approvals & Semi F47 compliance

Need a reliable, cost-effective & configurable power supply?

We recognize your needs for a power supply solution that features comprehensive user programmability and is fully scalable for integration into a diverse range of applications.

Custom power solutions tailored to your specific needs

Facing tight project schedules, complex integration, regulatory hurdles and demanding safety standards?

Our expert engineers work closely with your team to develop scalable, application-specific power solutions. With extensive experience in intricate design and a global manufacturing reach, we deliver cost-effective, custom solutions built to the highest standards, ensuring seamless alignment with your design parameters.

We resolve your power supply challenges, allowing you to focus on business priorities.

Ensuring success for your high power applications?

A programmable power supply allows you to set up signals and alarms to alert you to equipment faults.


Parameters such as input undervoltage, output under/overvoltage, output overcurrent and overtemperature can all be monitored and all thresholds can be adjusted, dynamically if necessary. If needed, you can also program a response to warnings.

If the end application does change due to a product upgrade, for example, it may be possible to reconfigure a programmable power supply with a simple firmware change through the communications interface.


This will save you considerable cost and extend the useful life of your power supply.