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MIL-COTS DC-DC, Filter & Surge Protection Selector Guides

XP Power offers a wide range of DC-DC solutions for defense and avionic applications including filters, surge protectors...


Highly efficient CCL400 series of power supplies

CCL400 series supplies up to 400 Watts convection-cooled AC-DC power with up to 94% efficiency.


Tiny 500W PSU meets latest medical and IT standards

The new GCU500 series of 500W AC-DC power supplies, with class-leading features, measure just 83.8 x 165.1 x 39.3mm (3.3...

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Factors That Affect Power Supply Reliability

The most important factor is good, careful design based on sound experience, resulting in known safety margins. Unfortun...

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Compact 1W and 2W DC-DC converters target medical applications

The IMM01 1 Watt and the IMM02 2 Watt converters are designed for use in medical applications.


State of art manufacturing facility: Kunshan, China

Informative overview of XP Power's leading manufacturing facilities in Kunshan, China.


ECS25-60 series, open-frame power supplies

Concise overview of key features of new 25, 45 & 60 Watts open-frame power supplies.


Compact 3W & 10W board-mount power supplies suit IoT, household & industrial applications

Launching low-cost VCE03 and VCE10, 3W and 10W series of board-mounted AC-DC power supplies with extended universal inpu...


What to expect on a PMBus Compliant Power supply?

The Power Management Bus (PMBus) is an open standard power-management protocol. This flexible and highly versatile stand...

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Overcoming Patient Leakage Current Issues

XP Power’s Dante De Guzman explains patient leakage current for medical power supplies and describes several ways of red...

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Surge Testing - An Overview

One of the core immunity tests that electrical & electronic equipment is subjected to is input surge testing. The test m...

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Acquisition of Glassman High Voltage expands XP Power products portfolio

XP Power has acquired the business and assets of Glassman High Voltage Inc.