60kV rack mount power supplies launched by XP Power

Healthcare Technology Industrial


XP Power has introduced a series of rack mount high voltage DC power supplies able to supply up to 60kV. Aimed at laboratories and OEMs, the EY series of 1200W high voltage power supplies feature flexible embedded controls with low ripple and noise. They are air insulated, fast response units with tight regulation and extremely low arc discharge currents.

For use in the medical, industrial and general high voltage areas, the most important applications for the EY series are in vapour deposition, ion implantation, glow discharge, electrostatics, plasma sources, cyclotrons, x-ray and other vacuum tubes.

The EY series comprises of 16 models from 0-1kV to 0-60kV at 1200W output power. Typically, ripple is less than 0.02% RMS of rated voltage at full load and off-the-line pulse-width modulation provides high efficiency and a reduced parts count for improved reliability. The first four models in the range respectively feature reversible polarity, and the others can be purchased as positive or negative polarity units.

XP Power’s EY series power supplies feature automatic crossover from constant-voltage to constant-current regulation, providing protection against overloads, arcs, and short circuits. The power supplies’ arc quench feature ensures that the HV output is inhibited for a short period after each load arc to help extinguish the arc, whilst their remote analogue and digital control via RS232 and USB capability offers flexibility of integration with customers systems. Similarly, optional Ethernet control provides the possibility of control and monitoring from remote locations.

The EY series’ bench/2U rack mount format makes them suitable for location on a test bench or for integrating with other equipment in a standard 19-inch rack, and featuring embedded microcontroller control, front panel digital encoders on the units provide high resolution local adjustment of voltage and current program. Exhibiting versatility, the power supplies can operate from single phase AC supplies of between 180 to 264V, and being Semi S2-93 compliant they meet safety compliance levels required for use in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Compared to similar units currently available, XP Power’s EY series offers superior control and enhanced performance. They are fully RoHS and CE compliant.

The series is available from approved regional distributors, or direct from XP Power and come with a 3-year warranty.

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