HPA Series

Healthcare Technology Industrial


Compact, drop-in power solutions with digital & analog control


The HPA offers rapid user configurability from an extremely compact, high power density, low profile 1U module. Its high line 180 VAC to 264 VAC input voltage has minimal derating down to low line 80 VAC, with 24V & 48V output voltage ratings. Single phase input 1.5kW power modules scalable to 7.5kW

The HPA series - making power flexible:

  • User defined signals, controls & alarms for tailored system integration
  • Customer specific factory flashed firmware options
  • Ultra-fast slew rates down to 40ms
  • Standard building block for power systems to 7.5kW & beyond
  • Development tools GUI and manuals for customer development
  • High power density in space saving design (1U)
  • Simplified interconnections for high power systems
  • Fast response to output programming adjustments
  • High efficiency for reduced operational costs
  • Safety agency approvals for ITE, industrial & healthcare applications

With its flexibility, programmable firmware, and scalability, the HPA becomes the only part needed to drop into multiple applications.  Contact our support team for more information on our power solutions.