VFB150 Series

150W fan cooled 100W convection cooled 127.0 x 76.2mm (5" x 3") open frame AC-DC power supplies for industrial electronics applications

The VFB150 is a series of open frame AC-DC single output power supplies with 100W convection and 150W fan cooled ratings.

This range of cost-competitive, high efficiency, single output AC-DC power supplies are packaged in an industry standard 127.0 x 76.2mm (5.0” x 3.0”) footprint making them suitable for industrial and information technology. 

With world-wide industrial safety approvals, compliance with class B for conducted and radiated emissions, the VFB150 benefits system designers with easy integration into a wide range of applications.


  • 150W fan cooled 100W convection cooled
  • Regulated single outputs 12V to 48VDC
  • 127.0 x 76.2mm footprint. 39.0mm profile
  • Input range 90 to 264VAC
  • High efficiency – up to 91%
  • 0.15W no load input power
  • 3kVAC input to output isolation
  • 12V/0.3A fan supply
  • Short-circuit, overvoltage & overcurrent protection
  • -10°C to +70°C operating temperature
  • 3 year warranty
Image Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
VFB150PS12 150W Single Phase 12V 12.5A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VFB150PS15 150W Single Phase 15V 10A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VFB150PS24 150W Single Phase 24V 6.25A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VFB150PS48 150W Single Phase 48V 3.13A Datasheet Stock RFQ
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