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Unfortunately, this series is no longer available.
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VET18 Series

18W low cost desktop AC-DC power supplies

The VET18 with both the DoE energy efficiency Level VI and CoC tier 2 standards.  These 18W desktop supplies have a typical average efficiency of up to 87% and a no load input power of less than 75 milliwatts.

Designed for cost sensitive applications, the VET18 series have Class II construction and do not require a separate earth pin on the input cord.  They have a standard IEC C320-C8 inlet connector and a 5.5mm outer / 2.1mm inner diameter DC barrel jack plug for the output connector.

The VET18 has 5 single output models of 9, 12,15, 18 and 24 VDC and accept a universal input from 90 to 264 VAC with no derating.


  • Energy efficiency level VI
  • European CoC tier 2
  • Universal input
  • Output voltages from 9.0V to 24.0VDC
  • Class II construction
  • Low cost
Image Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
VET18US090C2-JA 18W Single Phase 9V 2A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VET18US120C2-JA 18W Single Phase 12V 1.5A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VET18US150C2-JA 18W Single Phase 15V 1.25A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VET18US180C2-JA 18W Single Phase 18V 1A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VET18US240C2-JA 18W Single Phase 24V 0.75A Datasheet Stock RFQ
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