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Unfortunately, this series is no longer available.
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V1G Series

25kVDC input 1000:1 high voltage divider

The V1G high voltage divider was designed for laboratory measurement, system test point, or control loop feedback, this precision, low drift, high voltage divider provides a low voltage output from input voltages as high as 25kVDC.

The 1000:1 divider is internally compensated for your digital multimeter’s 10Mohm input impedance. Ratio tolerance is 1% and temperature drift is <75ppm/°C. This divider provides a low cost solution to high voltage measurement without the expense and bulk of a probe, and without the danger of an exposed resistor.

Using high voltage encapsulation techniques, the divider is protected from the problems that occur when high voltage is exposed to dust and moisture. PC pins and mounting holes make this module ideal for PCB mounting. The high voltage connection is made through a 30kV silicone wire.


  • High voltage divider
  • Input voltage 25kVDC
  • Ratio - 1000:1 
  • Matched to 10MΩ internal impedance of DMM
  • HV input via 30kV silicone wire
  • Low voltage output via PCB pins
  • Output voltage range 0 to 25VDC
  • Output ratio tolerance 1%
  • Temperature drift <75ppm/°C
  • Miniatue encapsulated package
  • Operating temperture range -10°C to +60°C
  • 3 year warranty
Image Model Name Power Output Voltage Input Voltage Output Regulation Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
V1G - 0 to 25V 0 to 25000VDC - Datasheet Stock RFQ
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