QSB15048W Series

150W wide input 8:1 half brick baseplate cooled DC-DC converters for ITE & industrial electronics applications

The QSB15048W series have an ultra-wide 8:1 input voltage range of 9 to 75VDC providing a flexible single solution for nominal inputs of 12, 24 & 48VDC, making these devices particularly suitable for mobile applications running from battery or vehicle supplies.

Baseplate or heatsink cooling allows operation over a wide temperature range from -40°C to +100°C. Standard features include both remote On/Off and remote sense. Protection features include input under-voltage lockout, overvoltage, short circuit and over load conditions while providing thermal shutdown in overtemperature conditions. Isolation voltage is 1.5kVDC and the output is tightly regulated to within ±0.2% for line changes and ±0.2% maximum under all load conditions.



  • Regulated single outputs 12 to 48VDC
  • 8:1 input range 9 to 75VDC 
  • Baseplate cooled ½ brick package
  • 1.5kVDC isolation
  • Output trim ±10%
  • Remote sense
  • Remote On/Off 
  • -40°C to +100°C operating temperature
  • 3 year warranty


Image Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
QSB15048WS12 150W 9 to 75VDC 12V 12.5A Datasheet Stock RFQ
QSB15048WS15 150W 9 to 75VDC 15V 10A Datasheet Stock RFQ
QSB15048WS24 150W 9 to 75VDC 24V 6.25A Datasheet Stock RFQ
QSB15048WS28 150W 9 to 75VDC 28V 5.35A Datasheet Stock RFQ
QSB15048WS48 150W 9 to 75VDC 48V 3.13A Datasheet Stock RFQ
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