MHP1000 Series

1kW chassis mount AC-DC power supplies with medical & ITE approvals

The MHP1000 AC-DC power supply provides up to 1200W of output power in three mechanical packages to provide installation flexibility in a range of medical applications.

The unit comprises of a main output with voltages from 12 to 48VDC and two peripheral outputs providing a 12VDC fan supply and a 5VDC standby supply which can be utilised with the signals and control features of the unit to provide detection of loss of AC input and remote on/off control.

Multiple units can used in parallel via the current share facility, providing higher power solutions. Inherently low earth leakage current, and conducted EMC compliance to Class B also simplify higher power system design.



  • 1kW fan cooled
  • 9.55” x 5.9” footprint, 2.4” profile
  • Regulated single outputs 12V to 48VDC
  • Input range 80 to 264VAC
  • Maedical safety approvals
  • Rugged construction
  • Variable fan speed for noise reduction
  • AC OK, remote On/Off and active current share
  • Screw terminals
  • 5V 0.5A standby
  • -20°C to +70°C operation
  • 3 year warranty
Image Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
MHP1000PS12 1000W Single Phase 12V 83A Datasheet Stock RFQ
MHP1000PS15 1000W Single Phase 15V 67A Datasheet Stock RFQ
MHP1000PS24 1000W Single Phase 24V 50A Datasheet Stock RFQ
MHP1000PS28 1000W Single Phase 28V 43A Datasheet Stock RFQ
MHP1000PS36 1000W Single Phase 36V 34A Datasheet Stock RFQ
MHP1000PS48 1000W Single Phase 48V 25A Datasheet Stock RFQ
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