HPV10K0 Series

10kW regulated high voltage AC-DC power supplies with outputs from 0-60kVDC to 0-200kVDC

The HPV10K0 series of high DC output power supplies are characterized by their high control speed and high accuracy. The rectified mains voltage is converted to a medium frequency AC voltage (50kHz) which then is transformed, rectified, and filtered, so that the required DC voltage is available at the output. By varying the frequency of the medium frequency AC voltage, the transmitted power is varied and thus the output voltage is kept constant at the set value (following the principle of the series resonant converter).

The units operate with high efficiency of about 85% and are short circuit and open circuit proof. The supply connections for the power unit and for the control electronics are completely separate, so that the power section can be isolated from the external supply, while the readings continue to be displayed, and the control electronics remains operational.

When arcing or overload occurs, the device switches off. This occurs with one of the following conditions: Either the output current rises to more than 120% of the rated value while the voltage at the same time shows a falling slope, or the output current crosses the limit of 105% of the rated value for a period of at least 2s. The short circuit current is inherently limited to small values (2 to 3 x nominal) so that the power supplies operate reliably even under complex conditions.

Due to the principle of resonance conversion, good electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is achieved as well as low ripple. To reduce the ripple in the low load range, an optional pulse width modulator can be specified, instead of the series resonant converter.  

As standard, the units are controlled via the integrated analog programming, a manual control panel is available as an option. The operating state is indicated by LEDs. For safe shut down of the high voltage an optional interlock circuit with locking is available.  

On request we equip your unit with optional or non-standard equipment, or we design the unit completely according to your specifications. Units with non-standard voltage and power are available on request.


  • Output voltages 0-60kVDC to 0-200kVDC
  • Potential free analog interface  
  • Key switch for mains supply On/Off 
  • HV On/Off - buttons with LED indication 
  • Safety interlock for cabinet doors provides fast shutdown protection  
  • LED indication for ‘Mains on’, ‘Arc’, Overload’, ‘Lock’, optional ‘Remote control’ 
  • Output resistor to limit arcing current to 50 x nominal value 
  • Current limiting short circuit protection 


Image Model Name Power Output Voltage Input Voltage Package Size Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-60000P 10kW 0 to 60kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-60000N 10kW 0 to -60kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-80000P 10kW 0 to 80kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-80000N 10kW 0 to -80kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-100000P 10kW 0 to 100kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-100000N 10kW 0 to -100kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-125000P 10kW 0 to 125kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-125000N 10kW 0 to -125kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-150000P 10kW 0 to 150kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-150000N 10kW 0 to -150kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-175000P 10kW 0 to 175kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-175000N 10kW 0 to -175kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-200000P 10kW 0 to 200kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
HPV10K0-200000N 10kW 0 to -200kV Three Phase - Datasheet RFQ
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