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Unfortunately, this series is no longer available.
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HCE140 Series

140W regulated high voltage AC-DC power supplies with outputs from 0-125VDC to 0-35kVDC

The HCE140 series power supplies are highly stable switch-mode power supplies with low ripple.

Due to the high switching frequency a low residual ripple is achieved in the generated output voltage, with high stability, good regulation dynamics, and at the same time only a low amount of stored energy.

The compact lightweight eurocasette design provides ease of integration via a 6U (for 140W & 350W modules) subrack (19” mounting).


  • Output voltages 0-125VDC to 0-35kVDC
  • Single phase AC input
  • Continuous operation at full rated power
  • Screwdriver operated multi-turn potentiometer for voltage setting
  • Screwdriver operated multi-turn potentiometer for current limit setting
  • Control mode display with LED’s
  • Constant voltage (CV) or constant current (CC) operation with automatic transfer
  • Analog programming/interface with set point inputs
  • HV on/off
  • Front panel output sockets for voltage & current monitors
  • Short circuit & arc protection
  • 2 year warranty
Image Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
HCE140-125P 140W Single Phase 125V 1A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-125N 140W Single Phase -125V 1A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-200P 140W Single Phase 200V 0.6A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-200N 140W Single Phase -200V 0.6A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-350P 140W Single Phase 350V 0.4A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-350N 140W Single Phase -350V 0.4A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-650P 140W Single Phase 650V 0.2A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-650N 140W Single Phase -650V 0.2A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-1250P 140W Single Phase 1250V 0.1A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-1250N 140W Single Phase -1250V 0.1A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-2000P 140W Single Phase 2000V 0.06A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-2000N 140W Single Phase -2000V 0.06A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-3500P 140W Single Phase 3500V 0.04A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-3500N 140W Single Phase -3500V 0.04A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-6500P 140W Single Phase 6500V 0.02A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-6500N 140W Single Phase -6500V 0.02A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-12500P 140W Single Phase 12500V 0.01A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-12500N 140W Single Phase -12500V 0.01A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-20000P 140W Single Phase 20000V 0.006A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-20000N 140W Single Phase -20000V 0.006A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-35000P 140W Single Phase 35000V 0.004A Datasheet Stock RFQ
HCE140-35000N 140W Single Phase -35000V 0.004A Datasheet Stock RFQ
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