GFR1K5 Series

1.5kW subrack mounting front end AC-DC power supplies for ITE & industrial electronics applications

The GFR1K5 is a 1U 1.5kW AC-DC front end with market leading power density that is designed for use in communications applications such as networking, broadcast, data storage, power over ethernet, power amplifiers and other applications that require bulk power and/or need redundant or hotswap power supplies. The GFR1K5 delivers 1.2kW at Low Line and 1.5kW at High Line with four output models 12V, 24V, 48V and 56V. The 56V model meets the requirements of the IEEE 802.3.AF for power over ethernet. All four models have the same form factor making it easy to design a system that needs to combine output voltages.

An innovative electrical keying system protects the GFR if inserted in the wrong slot. The GFR1K5 has an extensive signals and control set including inhibit, enable, voltage trim, parallel, AC OK , failure detect and I²C interface. A detailed I²C interface applications note is available on request. Variable speed fan controller reduces fan noise by 30% in a typical hotswap application. Up to 8 x GFR units can be paralleled at one time. A standard 1U 19" subrack is also available which has space for 4 x GFR's (6kW) along with I/O connections for power, signals & control. The standard rack is easily customised to suit customer specific requirements.



  • 1.5kW high line 1.2kW low line fan cooled 
  • 11.8” x 4” footprint, 1.7” profile
  • Regulated single outputs 12 to 56VDC
  • Input range 85 to 264VAC
  • 1U blind mate, hotswap, redundancy
  • 1U 19" subrack accepts up to 4 x GFR's (6kW)
  • 56V Power over Ethernet compatible model
  • AC OK, DC OK, inhibit, enable, 5V standby
  • Current share & I²C interface
  • 3 year warranty