FL Series

1.5kW regulated high voltage AC-DC power supplies with outputs from 0 - 750V to 0 - 1.5kV DC

The 1500W FL series is a high quality, high performance, high reliability & high stability high voltage power supply with low ripple & noise. Air insulation reduces weight and facilitates a lower cost of ownership. Featuring a floating output so that either output terminal may be grounded for operation as a positive or negative supply.

A variety of output control options, input voltages and low output discharge currents, makes integrating this power supply into a new system or tool simple. Field strappable parallel operation allows up to 4 identical supplies to be operated in parallel. with user configurable master and active current sharing.

Designed for electrical design engineers & system integration engineers in a wide range of industries including ion implant, electron-beam welding & electron-beam additive manufacturing & many other application specific markets who are challenged with limited high voltage integration experience & tight timelines.


  • Output volatges 0-750VDC to 0-1.5kVDC
  • Floating output
  • 1U 19" rack mount
  • RS232/USB control & monitor are standard, Ethernet is optional
  • Output voltage & current regulated
  • Low ripple <0.03% RMS of rated voltage at full load
  • Voltage & current monitor outputs
  • Field strappable parallel operation
  • Single phase AC input
  • Efficiency >85%
  • Air Insulated
  • Short circuit, arc & overload protection
  • CE marked for EMC, low voltage (LVD) & RoHS directives
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +40°C
  • 1 year warranty
Image Model Name Power Output Voltage Input Voltage Package Size Datasheet RFQ
FL0.7F2.0 1.5kW 0 to 750V Single Phase 1U Datasheet RFQ
FL1.0F1.5 1.5kW 0 to 1kV Single Phase 1U Datasheet RFQ
FL1.2F1.2 1.5kW 0 to 1.25kV Single Phase 1U Datasheet RFQ
FL1.5F1.0 1.5kW 0 to 1.5kV Single Phase 1U Datasheet RFQ
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