DTJ20 Series

DC-DC Converters

DTJ20 Series

Lower cost chassis & DIN rail mount 20W 4:1 input DC-DC converters

Housed in a chassis mount or optional DIN rail mount package, with screw terminals for ease of connection, the DTJ20 take a nominal 12/24 or 24/48VDC input and convert to a fixed single voltage between 3.3 & 15VDC or dual voltage between ±5.0 and ±15VDC, an LED indicator provides clear ‘power good’ indication.

The 20W chassis mount and DIN rail mount DC-DC converters allows for easy and convenient integration into a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Typical uses are: Communication systems; Door control; Elevator/travellator/escalator control; Fun fair/amusement/gaming systems; Process monitoring & control; Robotics; Surveillance & detection; System & safety monitoring; Telemetry & many other applications.


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  • Regulated single & dual outputs from 3.3V to 30VDC
  • Wide 4:1 input range
  • Chassis mount with optional DIN rail clip
  • UL62368-1 safety approvals
  • EN55032 class A
  • Remote On/Off & voltage trim function
  • 3kVDC isolation
  • -40°C to +100°C operating temperature
  • Full power to 70°C
  • 3 year warranty
Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
DTJ20 DTJ2024S3V3 20 W 9 to 36 VDC 3.3V 5A
DTJ20 DTJ2024S05 20 W 9 to 36 VDC 5V 4A
DTJ20 DTJ2024S12 20 W 9 to 36 VDC 12V 1.67A
DTJ20 DTJ2024S15 20 W 9 to 36 VDC 15V 1.33A
DTJ20 DTJ2024D05 20 W 9 to 36 VDC 5V, -5V 2A, 2A
DTJ20 DTJ2024D12 20 W 9 to 36 VDC 12V, -12V 0.835A, 0.835A
DTJ20 DTJ2024D15 20 W 9 to 36 VDC 15V, -15V 0.665A, 0.665A
DTJ20 DTJ2048S3V3 20 W 18 to 75 VDC 3.3V 5A
DTJ20 DTJ2048S05 20 W 18 to 75 VDC 5V 4A
DTJ20 DTJ2048S12 20 W 18 to 75 VDC 12V 1.67A
DTJ20 DTJ2048S15 20 W 18 to 75 VDC 15V 1.33A
DTJ20 DTJ2048D05 20 W 18 to 75 VDC 5V, -5V 2A, 2A
DTJ20 DTJ2048D12 20 W 18 to 75 VDC 12V, -12V 0.835A, 0.835A



3.00 x 1.24 x 0.77 in (76.2 x 31.4 x 19.4 mm)

Input Voltage

9-36VDC, 18-75VDC


88% (typical)

Operating Temperature

-40 to +100°C


3000 VDC (for 60s functional)

US Safety Approvals

UL60950-1, UL62368-1

Other Safety Approvals

CE & UKCA meets all applicable directives & legislation.


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