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AEB Series

AC-DC Power Supplies

AEB Series

  • CEC2008 & EISA2007 Compliant
  • Low Profile
  • Single Outputs from 5 V to 48 V
  • High Power Density
  • Universal Input
  • China Compulsory Certification (CCC) Qualified
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
AEB AEB36US05 36 W Single Phase 5V 4A
AEB AEB36US09 36 W Single Phase 9V 3A
AEB AEB36US12 36 W Single Phase 12V 2.5A
AEB AEB36US13 36 W Single Phase 13.5V 2.4A
AEB AEB36US15 36 W Single Phase 15V 2.4A
AEB AEB36US18 36 W Single Phase 18V 2A
AEB AEB36US24 36 W Single Phase 24V 1.5A
AEB AEB36US48 36 W Single Phase 48V 0.75A
AEB AEB45US12 45 W Single Phase 12V 3.75A
AEB AEB45US15 45 W Single Phase 15V 3A
AEB AEB45US18 45 W Single Phase 18V 2.5A
AEB AEB45US19 45 W Single Phase 19V 2.37A
AEB AEB45US24 45 W Single Phase 24V 1.88A
AEB AEB45US48 45 W Single Phase 48V 1A
AEB AEB70US12 70 W Single Phase 12V 5.5A
AEB AEB70US15 70 W Single Phase 15V 4.6A
AEB AEB70US18 70 W Single Phase 18V 3.9A
AEB AEB70US19 70 W Single Phase 19V 3.7A
AEB AEB70US24 70 W Single Phase 24V 3A
AEB AEB70US48 70 W Single Phase 48V 1.5A
AEB AEB100PS12 100 W Single Phase 12V 8.34A
AEB AEB100PS125 100 W Single Phase 12.5V 8A
AEB AEB100PS15 100 W Single Phase 15V 6.67A
AEB AEB100PS24 100 W Single Phase 24V 4.17A
AEB AEB100PS48 100 W Single Phase 48V 2.08A



AEB36: 4.33 x 1.97 x 0.79 in (110.0 x 50.0 x 20.0 mm)AEB45: 4.72 x 2.05 x 1.22 in (120.0 x 52.0 x 31.0 mm)AEB70: 5.20 x 2.28 x 1.20 in (132.0 x 58.0 x 30.5 mm)AEB100: 5.90 x 2.76 x 1.38 in (150.0 x 70.0 x 35.0 mm)

Input Voltage

90-264 VAC

No Load Input Power

<0.5 W

Harmonic Currents

EN61000-3-2 Class A



Operating Temperature

AEB36/45/70: 0 ?C to +60 °C deratelinearly from 100% load at +40 °C to 60%,load at +60 °C, AEB100: 0 °C to +60 °Cderate linearly from 100% load at +40 °C to50% load at +60 °C


AEB36: 3000 VAC Input to OutputAEB45/70/100: 3000 VAC Input to Output, 1500 VAC Input to Ground. Negative output is connected to ground. For optional 500 VAC output to ground isolation add suffix ‘-F’ to model number

European Safety Approvals


US Safety Approvals

UL/cUL60950-1, UL 62368-1 & CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1-14

Other Safety Approvals

China Compulsory Certification (CCC) qualified (AEB36/70 only)


EN55022, Level B conducted & radiated

3D models

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