Standard and customized power supplies optimized for functionality, reliability, and ease of integration.

From semiconductor manufacturing to medical imaging, some of the world’s most impactful tools are powered by our industry leading high voltage power solutions.

With over 50 years of high voltage experience, XP Power is continuing to expand our capabilities and global presence in the healthcare, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and industrial technology sectors; with an extensive product portfolio.

Our Journey to precision high voltage power

One of the leading high voltage solution providers in the world.

Multiple strategic acquisitions like the recent addition of FuG Elektronik and Guth High Voltage are enabling us to boost our portfolio of high precision, low noise solutions, with voltage outputs of up to 500kV and output power of 600kW.

With proven quality and reliability, our trusted power solutions are highly accurate, enabling precision in critical and demanding applications.

Global design and manufacturing facilities at key sites in Asia, North America, and Europe, with dedicated technical support across the entire design and lifecycle of our customer's products.


Portfolio depth and technical design-in support make high voltage easy for our customers.

Design engineers and scientists around the world use and trust XP Power's high voltage power supplies in performance-critical applications.

  • High voltage outputs from 100V to 500kV and 0.5W to 600kW of output power
  • Modified and customer-specific power solution capabilities
  • Low ripple and noise, load and line regulation down to 1 PPM
  • Unparalleled, customer-focused direct sales and global design-in support
  • Global design and manufacturing facilities 

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High voltage AC-DC power solutions

  • High voltage outputs up to 500kV and 200kW
  • 0-100% programmable voltage and current
  • RS232, USM, and Ethernet controls
  • Modular and rack mount through to open stack products

High voltage DC-DC converters

  • High voltage outputs up to 25kV and 30W
  • Through hole mount, surface mount or rack mount
  • Compact and small size
  • Electrostatic chuck power solutions

Precision power solutions

  • Programmable output voltages up to 300kV and 300kW
  • RS232/422, Ethernet, EtherCat, LAN, USM, and more
  • Modular, rack mount to fully insulated enclosed systems
  • Ripple & noise <1ppm

High voltage Product selector guides

Find all the product information you'll need in an easy reference guide.

Our product selector guides provide a comprehensive graphical overview of our industry leading high voltage AC-DC and DC-DC product lines.

Full technical specifications can be found by simply clicking on embedded links to each specific product’s datasheet on our website.

HV AC-DC Selector Guide   HV DC-DC Selector Guide