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Using Y rated capacitors in medical applications

The medical standard IEC60601-1 is mandatory for medical equipment and requires manufacturers to review the isolation sy...

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DEF-STAN 61-5 Part 6, Issue 6, Compliance Made Easy

In February 2009, the UK Ministry of Defence published issue 6 of Defence Standard 61-5 part 6 to cover 12 and 24V syste...

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EN55032 Replaces EN55022

EN55032 is the new standard for EMC emissions replacing EN55022, the standard for ITE equipment, and two other EMC stand...

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3, 6 & 15 Watt medical DC/DC converters offer 2 x MOPP and patient leakage to 2 µA

The JHL & JHM series of encapsulated, isolated and regulated DC-DC converters for medical applications.

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Encapsulated 80 Watt AC-DC modules in an ultra-compact footprint

ECE80 series of 80W single output AC-DC encapsulated power supply modules with high efficiency and a low no load input p...


Removing heat from sealed enclosures

Demand for power supplies that can withstand harsh environmental conditions does not only come from defense applications...

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Miniature 2 Watt DC-DC converters for use in medical applications

IML02 & ISM02 miniature 2W rated DC-DC converters for use in medical device applications that require safety isolation b...


IEC60601: understanding the changes from 2nd to 3rd edition

Medical Power Supplies Standard Challenges The general standard IEC 60601 is the accepted standard for medical equipm...

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Hi-Pot safety certification - understanding the tests required

Certifying a new product to relevant safety standards is an essential part of any design and development process. But fa...

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IEC60601-1-2 Medical EMC; 4th Edition

Medical electrical equipment – Part 1-2: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance – Collateral St...

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Power Systems for Railway Applications

Rail applications demand that equipment is able to withstand the harsh climatic, mechanical and electrical environments...

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Input Protection

Input protection is implemented in power supplies and DC/DC converters to ensure safe operation. The input fuse fitted w...

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