Programmable 3kW power supply series brings high power with digital control to challenging medical and industrial applications

Industrial Healthcare Technology


Announcing intelligent and flexible higher power levels available to key medical, industrial and semiconductor fabrication applications with the launch of their new HPF3K0 series.

Advances in cutting-edge surgical / medical equipment require increasing levels of sophistication and power, which the HPF3K0 will address. Also, within industrial sectors, the HPF3K0 delivers distributed control and monitoring with the benefit of a highly configurable and remotely controllable power module.

Until now, designers had few options for multi-kilowatt power within the medical sector. The HPF3K0 offers 3kW of power, fully approved to the requirements of IEC60601-1 Ed. 3 with 2 x MOPP (Means of Patient Protection). The power solution is also approved to EN55011/EN55032 for EMC Class B (conducted) and Class A (radiated) as well as EN61000-4-x for immunity. ITE approvals include IEC62368-1 Ed.2.

At the heart of the highly flexible solution is a digital signal processing ‘engine’ that incorporates a suite of sophisticated digital control and monitoring functions that allow dynamic variation of power configurations and performance. This includes constant current operation, variable overload characteristics and alarm functions.

As a result, users can optimise the power solution to suit a wide variety of applications, without the need for hardware / BoM changes. This includes the ability to adjust current and / or voltage down to 0% of the nominal rating – a rarity in this type of supply. A sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) allows configurations to be developed and evaluated. 

Multiple serial protocols including I2C, PMBus, RS485 and CANopen allow for seamless integration with remote control schemes while a boot loader function allows remote firmware updates for maintenance or enhancement. 

Industrial applications demand rugged solutions. The HPF3K0 features an auxiliary signal connector with positive locking and double fixing points on output terminals. Additionally, the output voltage rise, and fall are strictly controlled to avoid a standing voltage on the output capacitors.

The HPF3K0 is housed in an enclosed steel chassis measuring just 280mm x 178mm x 64mm (11.0” x 7.00” x 2.50”). Up to five units may be operated in parallel via a single wire bus, giving up to 15kW of highly flexible power.

Four variants are available with nominal single outputs of 24, 36, 48 and 60VDC. Efficiency is as high as 93% and cooling is via an integrated fan with intelligent control that ensures audible noise is at the lowest level possible – a useful feature, especially in noise-sensitive medical applications.

The HPF3K0’s digital architecture, flexibility, scalability, high power density, class B conducted emissions, ITE and medical safety approvals make it ideal for a wide range of healthcare, semiconductor manufacturing and industrial equipment applications. 

The HPF3K0 series are available direct from XP Power and offers a 3-year warranty. 

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