Encapsulated 80 Watt AC-DC modules in an ultra-compact footprint

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XP Power today announced the ECE80 series of 80W single output AC-DC encapsulated power supply modules with high efficiency and a low no load input power. The modules are perfect for customers requiring an encapsulated AC-DC power solution in an ultra-compact format for either PCB, chassis, or DIN rail mounting.

The ECE80 series has the smallest footprint and highest power density in the industry for an 80W encapsulated power supply module. The range is available in three formats for increased flexibility. The standard part comes as a PCB mount version, adding –S gives you a chassis mount version with screw terminals, and lastly the DIN rail version with screw terminals is available by adding –SD.

The ECE80 range is an extension of XP Power’s ECE series of small encapsulated AC-DC power supplies, offering power levels from 5 to 80 Watts. They accommodate the need for smaller and more efficient power supplies with low no load power consumption. Additionally, the modules are well suited to class II applications and offer Class B EMI without any additional filtering.

Such applications include those in automation and process control, broadcast, instrumentation, mobile comms and home automation.

With their peak load capability up to 130% of nominal rated power output for 30 seconds, ECE80 modules are able to power short term higher power loads, so designers may not need to specify a higher rated and possible physically larger power supply.

With a very high power density of >11.2 W/in3 the compact power modules take up less space in customers’ end products. The ECE80 PCB mount module measures just 91.4 x 45.72 x 28.0 mm and the chassis mount module measures 113.0 x 47.5 x 28.5 mm. Five standard output voltages are available from 12 to 48 VDC. The modules’ <0.3W no load power consumption and efficiency figure of up to 89% helps designers meet current green requirements in their end applications, and their class II construction means that no ground (earth) connection required, again simplifying design.

With their wide operating temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees C (with no derating until +50 degrees C), XP Power’s ECE80 modules are able to operate in most environments with no need for additional heat sinking or airflow. The modules meet Class B conducted and radiated EMC limits without any additional components, and are UL/CSA/EN/IEC 60950-1 safety agency approved.

The series are available from Allied Electronics, Digi-Key, element14, Farnell, Newark, RS Components, approved regional distributors, or direct from XP Power and come with a 3-year warranty.

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