AC-DC Power Supplies Selector Guide

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Easily navigate your way through our range of AC-DC power solutions.

XP Power offers one of the world's widest ranges of AC-DC power supplies products. Download this invaluable guide for a quick reference and easy-to-follow graphical overview of our extensive product line.

Grouped by wattage an image of each series is accompanied by bullet points of its major features. Full specifications can easily be found by clicking on the embedded links to each specific product’s data sheet on our website.

Accurately compare AC-DC solutions 

  • AC-DC power supplies from 3W to 5kW
  • 3 phase power supplies
  • Configurable AC-DC power supplies
  • ITE, medical, and household appliance safety approvals 
  • PCB mount, open frame, chassis mount & U-channel formats

Find the key information you need by downloading our latest AC-DC power supplies selector guide.

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