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Programmable power supplies

Programmable power solutions offering rapid user configurability

We recognize your need for a power supply solution with comprehensive user programmability and full scalability for integration into a diverse range of applications.

XP Power offers flexible, compact and efficient programmable power supplies to address your power supply requirements. Our space-saving designs, incorporating digital signal processing and multiple communication protocols, ensure seamless integration into applications, scalable from 1.5kW to 30kW.

The scalability of our HP Series of programmable power supplies enables you to utilize modules of suitable power in your product, while their flexibility allows you to tailor, configure and optimize for your load, whether constant voltage, constant current, or both. The HP range encompasses single-phase and three-phase products with nominal outputs ranging from 24VDC to 200VDC.



What are programmable power supplies?

Programmable power supplies allow the user to precisely define the DC power output characteristics and many other parameters such as alarm thresholds and control signal responses. In this way, stable and accurate power delivery, combined with ease of product integration can be achieved.

Unlike a manually adjustable (analog) unit which is controlled by turning knobs or dials, a programmable power supply may provide the capability to save a tailored product configuration to the non-volatile memory of the unit and respond dynamically to commands from an external digital control system, to deliver sophisticated control and monitoring possibilities.

When do I need a programmable power supply?

If you work in a research, development, test or production environment where precise and adjustable power sources are needed, you may well have a need for one. Industrial lasers, automatic test equipment (ATE), semiconductor fabrication, electrolysis, water treatment, medical and analytical applications are all examples of applications which often incorporate a programmable power supply.

What are the benefits of programmable power supplies?

Precise control over voltage and current levels is one advantage so that you can easily tailor this type of power supply to match specific requirements. They allow you to create custom profiles to simulate different conditions and automate testing processes, saving you time and effort. 

Built-in protection features ensure safe operation while stability and accuracy give you reliable power delivery. You can also monitor real-time values and log measurements for analysis, troubleshooting, and optimisation. 
You can remotely control a programmable power supply via a digital interface allowing the operator to remain in a safe environment.

How does a programmable power supply work?

A programmable power supply converts AC voltage to controlled DC voltage and current with an input stage, control circuitry, and feedback loop. Users can adjust voltage and current levels via USB or Ethernet connection using the graphical user interface (GUI). 

Are there different types of programmable power supplies to choose between?

The differences between programmable power supplies lie in their form factors and the environments they are most suited for. While bench mount supplies are portable and ideal for individual testing and experimentation, rack mount and chassis mount supplies are more suitable for organized and integrated setups in ATE, data centers, server rooms, and industrial applications.

How do I choose the right programmable power supply?

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the choice available. We’ve got some helpful hints to remember when making your selection:

  • Consider factors like voltage and current range requirements, levels of adjustment and the ability to create custom profiles.
  • Look for user-friendly interfaces that make programming a breeze.
  • Ensure the power supply offers reliable performance, stability, precision and accuracy.
  • Don't forget about safety features like overvoltage, overcurrent and temperature protection.
  • Think about your future needs too, as modular or rack-mounted options might provide scalability.

By keeping these points in mind, you can make an informed decision and select the programmable power supply that best fits your specific requirements to ensure smooth and reliable power delivery.


Please contact our expert global support team for more information on our efficient, scalable programmable power supplies.