EN55032 Replaces EN55022


The new standard for EMC emissions

EN55032 is the new standard for EMC emissions replacing EN55022, the standard for ITE equipment, and two other EMC standards; EN55013 & EN55103 related to broadcast, audio, video & entertainment systems. The Date Of Withdrawal (DOW) for EN55022 is March 5th 2017.

Power supplies marketed for the ITE & industrial sectors have used the EN55022 standard to show conformance for both conducted and radiated emissions over many years, with the CE Declaration of Conformity (DoC) for plug top and desktop external power supplies quoting this standard to show conformance with the EMC Directive.


No need to repeat emissions tests

The good news for power supply manufacturers, sellers and users is that the replacement of EN55022 with EN55032 does not change the test method or test limits for these products meaning that there is no need to repeat emissions tests to comply with the new standard.

Clearly, EMC emissions test reports for newer product introductions will refer to the latest standard but there is no impetus or need to retest existing products which have been previously certified to EN55022.

As the EN55022 standard is withdrawn and replaced with EN55032 in the official journal, power supply manufacturers and vendors will need to update their CE Declaration of conformity to the new standard as the self-declaration cannot refer to a withdrawn standard.