XP Power acquires FuG Elektronik and Guth

FuG Elektronik GmbH and Guth High Voltage GmbH are now part of XP Power, one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of critical power solutions to the electronics industry.

Our High Voltage capabilities

Standard power solutions

XP Power provides high precision, high stability power supplies for high voltage applications in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, healthcare and industrial markets.  

Our acquisitions of FuG and Guth mean that we can now offer standard solutions with output voltages up to 300kV and output powers to 600kW, giving you the superior performance and functionality needed to power mass spectrometry, electron beam, electrostatic, capacitor charging and other specialist applications. 

Custom power solutions

Our custom power solutions give you the accuracy, stability and low ripple & noise needed to ensure your applications don’t fail.  

We can now leverage the design expertise and knowledge from FuG and Guth high voltage engineers, hardware/software engineers and skilled workers to better understand your requirements and innovate custom high voltage solutions. Our direct sales and technical support teams work with you from the design phase and throughout the entire lifecycle of your product.

Email us at fug-web-sales@xppower.com with your custom power enquiry.

Careers at XP Power Group, Germany

If you would like to advance your career in high voltage power at our sites in Schechen (near Rosenheim) or Salach (near Göppingen) then we offer fantastic opportunities and the chance to thrive at the XP Power Group in Germany.