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MCC400 Series

DC-DC Converters

MCC400 Series

  • 400-600 W Baseplate-cooled
  • Up to 4 Regulated Outputs
  • Optional 200 W Conditioned Output
  • MILSTD 1275 and DEFSTAN 615
  • MILSTD 461 and DEFSTAN 59411
  • Rugged Construction to MILSTD 810F
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
MCC400 MCC400 400 W 18.5 to 34 VDC 48V, 48V, 48V, 48V 8.3A, 8.3A, 8.3A, 8.3A



7.283 x 6.496 x 1.083 in (185.0 x 165.0 x 27.5 mm)

Input Voltage

18.5-34.0 VDC steady state


75% typical

Operating Temperature

-40 ˚C to +70 ˚C ambient with baseplate temperature within -40 ˚C to +90 ˚C


500 VDC Input to Output, 500 VDC Output to Chassis, 500 VDC Input to Chassis


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