High Voltage DC-DC Solutions

Ideal for semiconductor, analytical, medical, and detector applications

Accuracy, reliability and stability are critical for high voltage DC-DC applications. XP Power is one of the world’s leading high-voltage power supply manufacturers, with over 50 years of experience providing accurate and reliable compact solutions. Our products carry output voltages of up to 25kV for mission-critical applications – allowing us to maximize functionality in a compact environment.

Compact high voltage DC-DC converters

Reliable, miniature high voltage power modules

XP Power’s high voltage DC-DC converters provide low ripple and noise, voltage and current control, output regulation and monitoring, and input and output protection with built-in industry safety approvals and extensive design validation and testing processes that you can count on.

Our high-voltage DC-DC portfolio includes a range of drop-in solutions, modified and custom capabilities, digital compatible monitors and controls combined with long-term reliability, providing output voltages to 25kV and output power up to 30W. 


Accurate and reliable power solutions

High voltage, miniature DC-DC modules you can trust

Our market-leading high-voltage DC-DC converters are designed with long term reliability, accuracy and repeatability of the performance at the forefront of the design and manufacturing processes.

This enables us to deliver best in class product with industry approvals and solve EMI issues, in a small, space-saving solution in your end application.

Overcoming high voltage integration issues

Easy to use, drop-in, high voltage modules

Our high-voltage DC-DC converters provide the ultimate drop-in solution with a broad range of proportional and regulated, accurate, low noise high voltage output modules.

With their built-in voltage and current monitoring and control and input and output protection for your application, they minimize external circuitry and components around the high voltage DC-DC converters.


Our diverse range includes hundreds of product families, easily searchable by voltage, power, format and application.

Extensive Range of High Voltage Power Solution Options

Choose from package type, format, voltage and power

We offer the widest range of compact and micro sized high-voltage DC-DC converters, covering power levels from 2mW up to 30W. Our range of mounts include through hole mount, rack and surface mount.

  • 100V to 25 KV of output voltage range
  • 2mW to 30W and beyond 
  • Through hole mount, surface mount or rack mount solutions 
  • Negative, positive, reversible polarity
  • Regulated or proportional
  • Compact and small size 
  • Low EMI solutions
  • Electrostatic chuck power solutions
  • Custom and modified solutions
  • Global direct sales and technical design-in support