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Active surge protection filter module complies with DEF STAN 61-5 issue 6 load dump requirement

XP Power today announced the DSF226 filter and surge protection module specifically designed for use in 28 VDC input defence applications. The encapsulated metal cased unit is capable of delivering up to 200 Watt output and meets the DEF STAN 61-5 part 6 issue 6 load dump requirement. The module also meets the internationally recognised immunity and emission standards MIL-STD 1275A-D, DEF STAN 59-411 & MIL-STD 461C. Providing active surge protection, the unit allows for the full 200 W output to be supplied over the entire 15 - 33 VDC including accommodating transients down to 10 VDC for up to 1 s. The output tracks the input voltage and is clamped at < 36 VDC.

The DSF226 can operate from -46 degrees C to + 100 degrees C. A thermal warning output can be used to control the end-application or disable the filter output.

The filter is ideal for use in combination with XP Power's MTC family of military-specification DC/DC converters, QSB and ICH series of power bricks. The DSF226 could also be combined with XP Power's J series of 24V 4:1 input converters for multiple output COTS defence applications.

The DSF226 is available from approved regional distributors, or direct from XP Power and come with a 3 year warranty.

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