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nanofleX series: Configurable, digitally controlled AC-DC power supplies

XP Power today announced the nanofleX series of configurable digitally cont ...


Different methods of measuring component temperatures

The two main ways of measuring temperatures are by thermocouple or by optic ...

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Understanding Isolation Ratings in High Voltage Power Supplies

“My 10 kV power supply has an isolation rating of only 3500V, why is that?” ...

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Reliability Terminology - Power Supplies

Failure Rate λ Failure rate is defined as the percentage of units failin ...

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XP Power adds RF power supplies with acquisition of Comdel

XP Power announces that it has acquired the business and assets of Comdel I ...

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Energy efficiency for external power supplies (EPS)

Energy efficiency legislation is now in place across most regions of the wo ...

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Green mode LLC half bridge converters

Power supplies marketed under the “Green” label are designed to maximise ef ...

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Baseplate cooled, CCH400-600 series of power supplies

Meet compliance with both industry and military-grade approvals. They opera ...


Determine System EMI Characteristics Early in System Design Phase

Often in the commercial, industrial, medical and military industries, syste ...

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ECP180 series of power supplies

120 Watts with convection-cooling and 180 Watts with force-cooling, all in ...


MIL-STD-1275 Compliance for power systems made easy.

The US Department of Defense Standard MIL-STD 1275 is an immunity standard ...

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Miniature PCB Mount 5 W AC-DC power supply meets international medical safety standards

The EME05 series of ultra-compact, single output, 5 Watt AC-DC power suppli ...

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