VCE05 Series

Low cost, PCB mount, 5W encapsulated and open frame, wide input AC-DC power supplies

The VCE05 is a series of open frame and encapsulated AC-DC single output power supplies designed for low cost ITE and industrial electronics applications. Their compact design features an integral EMC filter and hold-up capacitor, so no external components are required.

The series provides two mechanical options including open frame and encapsulated PCB mount. With approvals to world-wide safety standards, compliance with class B for conducted and radiated emissions and a 130%, 30s peak load capability, these class II isolation parts benefit system designers with easy integration into a wide range of applications.



  • Regulated single outputs 3.3 to 48VDC
  • Input range 85 to 264VAC
  • Encapsulated or open frame PCB mount package
  • Peak load capability
  • No external components required
  • Class II
  • <0.3W no load input power
  • 3 year warranty
Image Model Name Power Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Datasheet Stock Check RFQ
VCE05US03 5 W Single Phase 3.3V 1.573A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VCE05US05 5 W Single Phase 5V 1.3A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VCE05US09 5 W Single Phase 9V 0.722A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VCE05US12 5 W Single Phase 12V 0.541A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VCE05US15 5 W Single Phase 15V 0.433A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VCE05US24 5 W Single Phase 24V 0.27A Datasheet Stock RFQ
VCE05US48 5 W Single Phase 48V 0.135A Datasheet Stock RFQ
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