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What is surge testing and why is it important?

Discover why surge testing is vital for making sure equipment is protected from unexpected voltage spikes or power surge...

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How to integrate high voltage in advanced manufacturing applications

How do manufacturing companies stay one step ahead of the field? Advanced manufacturing methods are helping companies ga...

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Powering high voltage detector solutions with speed, accuracy and reliability

Detectors are a critical part of analytical equipment used in semiconductor inspection, medical imaging, and mass spectr...

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New baseplate cooled AC-DC power supply delivers complete solution for rugged applications with limited or no airflow

Announcing the launch of a new series of low profile, baseplate cooled 160W AC-DC power solutions.


Selecting the best AC-DC power supply for peak load applications

If specified correctly, dual rated power supplies perform strongly in high peak power applications. All you need to know...

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What are electrostatic chuck power supplies?

Electrostatic chucks are used for a wide range of power applications. They are vital for semiconductor manufacturing as...

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High voltage power supplies explained

High voltage power supplies are specialized electrical devices that creates voltages typically above 1,000V.

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Electrolytic capacitors determine the lifetime of a power supply

The service life of electrolytic capacitors is a key design parameter in power supplies. Our blog summarises the manufac...

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AC-DC Power Supplies Selector Guide

XP Power offers one of the widest range of AC-DC power supplies products. To help our customers more easily navigate thr...


External AC-DC Power Supplies Selector Guide

Selector guide of our external AC-DC power supplies products. Easily navigate through possible solutions.


Everything you need to know about programmable power supplies

Programmable power supplies are digitally controlled to give you exactly the power and control parameters you need.

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IEC protection classes for power supplies

Power supplies fall into one of three protection classes based on the need, or not, for a protective earth connection....

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