Healthcare Industrial

Industry leading 95% efficient 225 Watt AC-DC supply in a 2" x 4" package

The EPL225 series of high efficiency, open frame, AC-DC power supplies are approved for industrial, IT and medical applications. The series comprises seven single-output models that offer a range of standard output voltages from +12 VDC to +48 VDC. A secondary 12 VDC / 0.5 A fan output is provided across the range.


The product is packaged in an extremely compact 2” x 4” industry standard footprint with a very low profile of just 1.26” (50.8 x 101.6 x 32.3 mm) and has a convection cooled output power rating of 150 Watts, believed to be the highest in the industry for a power supply of this size. The available output power increases to 225W with only 10 CFM of forced airflow. 

With a minimum average efficiency of 93% and a maximum efficiency of 95%, resulting in less waste heat and cooler running for both the power supply and the end equipment enclosure, the EPL225 contributes to higher system reliability and longer lifetime. In addition, the unit’s green attributes include no-load power consumption of less than 0.5 Watt enabling compliance with the latest environmental goals and legislation for the end application.

Utilising resonant topologies with virtually lossless switching throughout, the units meet the standards EN55011 & EN55032 with Class B conducted and Class A radiated emissions. Class B radiated emissions can be easily achieved with the addition of external ferrites on the cables if used in a plastic enclosure.

The EPL225 suits a broad range of operating environments with an extended temperature range from -20 to + 70 degrees C with no derating required until +50 degrees C. 


The EPL225 range presents a high power density solution with very high efficiency and low emissions making it ideal for space constrained applications whether convection cooled or with forced air cooling.